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Could your heel pain be Plantar Fasciitis?

Do you suffer from ongoing heel pain? Could this be a sign you have Plantar Fasciitis?  *For an accurate clinical diagnosis specific to your complaint, through a thorough examination, call us on 5824 3243 or book online to consult one of our Osteopaths. Do you have – Sharp heel pain Pain along the inside border of the…

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How’s your head Fred?

Do you suffer from headaches? Many people at one stage or another in their lives have suffered from a headache or migraine. Do you know why headaches or migraines occur? Are you aware that osteopaths can assist in the treatment of neck pain causing headaches and migraines? The International Headache Society1classifies headaches into being Primary…

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Osteopathy: Helping your body help you

The majority of injuries suffered by Australians occur in the workplace or during leisure activities, according to a National Health Survey (ABS)[1]. Osteopaths are uniquely positioned to assist people of all ages to prevent injuries that can easily occur in daily life. Osteopathy, statistically the fastest growing health profession in Australia[2], is a form of…

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Don’t Let Back Pain Rule Your Life

According to Safe Work Australia, around 58 works per 1000 are injured during a 12 month period. Work related injury and illness is estimated to cost Australia over $60 billion each financial year. This represents nearly 5% of GDP[1]. Further research shows that 25% of all injuries occur in just one area – the back[2].…

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Taking a Stiff Upper Lip with Arthritis

3.85 million Australians suffer almost constant pain from arthritis, according to the Arthritis Australia[1]. Osteopathy Australia (formerly Australian Osteopathic Association) is holding its annual Osteopathy Awareness Week April 13-19 2014. This is the perfect opportunity for Australians living with arthritis to visit an osteopath and discover they can assist their condition and increase mobility when…

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Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time but it also comes with physical difficulties that need to be managed. Osteopathy Australia (formerly Australian Osteopathic Association) member, Dr Emila Howley, works closely with pregnant women to ensure this special time in their lives goes as smoothly as possible. “Being pregnant can be a truly amazing experience,” said…

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Give Your Body a Sporting Chance

Sports injuries cost Australians over $2 billion every year, according to a Monash University injury expert. A government report prepared by the Sports Injury Prevention Taskforce shows that each year thousands of Australians stop their team based sports due to injury. By 2020, the figure is estimated to be 20,000[2]. Osteopaths deal regularly with patients…

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