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Give Your Body a Sporting Chance

Sports injuries cost Australians over $2 billion every year, according to a Monash University injury expert.

A government report prepared by the Sports Injury Prevention Taskforce shows that each year thousands of Australians stop their team based sports due to injury. By 2020, the figure is estimated to be 20,000[2].

Osteopaths deal regularly with patients who have been injured while playing sport. They are highly trained in the prevention and treatment of injuries.

“Care and prevention are keys to reducing sports-related injuries,” said Dr Emila Howley of Finesse Osteopathy.

Studies show that 30-40% of participants experience a major sports-related injury that will see them discontinuing sport and/or will significantly reduce their physical activity levels2.

“Some of these sporting injuries can be easily prevented. Preventing these injuries means less time off work and more time exercising and enjoying the benefits of general good health.”

Injury is one of the main reasons people stop playing sport. When people become inactive there is a increased prevalence of life-threatening illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, creating a greater burden on the healthcare system.

Australians shouldn’t miss out on the health and social benefits of exercise and sport due to preventable injuries. This is why it is so essential for Australians to be aware how injuries occur and what can be done to prevent them.

Osteopaths recommend performing warm up and cool down stretches before and after exercise to avoid muscle strain. This is especially important coming into the colder weather, as the risk of injury becomes greater.

“Osteopathic treatment positively influences elasticity and mobility, which means people are less likely to sustain injury during exercise,” said Dr Emila Howley.

“Our lives are so much busier but as a nation we’re becoming more sedentary. Osteopathy can offer a prevention plan that is quick and easy and a good way for everyone to maintain their health.”

Osteopathy is safe for all age groups and osteopaths treat not only the specific problem but also provide lifestyle advice on diet, exercise, stress reduction, posture and breathing. Osteopaths encourage individuals to proactively prevent injuries and ailments, which in the long term leads to better overall health and less time and money spent on treatment.

Osteopaths can be seen directly without a referral or in addition to the care provided by a GP. It is acknowledged by all major health funds as well as DVA, Workcover, Medicare and attracts a rebate with a GP referral for chronic pain and conditions.

There are over 1750 osteopaths practicing in Australia. You can find your local osteopath by visiting or calling Osteopathy Australia on 1 800 467 836.

[1] Finch, C. (2006). A new framework for research leading to sports injury prevention. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 3-9.

[2] Sports Injury Prevention Taskforce. (2013). Sports Injury Prevention Taskforce Final Report March 2013. Melbourne.

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